About 8th House Reign...

8th House Reign, created by owner, Melissa Henry, is a clothing accessory brand offering small batch handcrafted products made from full grain hide leather and/or textiles.

About Melissa...

Melissa is a creative that loves to learn new skills. She has always had a passion for creating things. Whether it is baking, cooking, gardening, jewelry making, sewing, cordwaining, and now leatherworking, she always loves transforming raw materials to something different...something amazing.

Why the name 8th House Reign?

8th House Reign conveys the idea of transformation. The 8th House is about birth, death, and rebirth, leaving the past behind and starting over. Transforming for the better. This is why our tagline is "Transformation Reigns".

We, at 8th House Reign, take materials and give them a new life...new purpose.


Full grain hide leather is a by-product of the meat industry. Instead of the skins going to the waste, they are sent to tanneries, treated, and sold as the leather you see in various industries. This leather is durable and long lasting. We use this leather to create our products. In addition, whenever possible, we purchase materials secondhand from other creatives as well as surplus materials from businesses such as Fabscrap. Because of this, some of our products are unique due to the purchase of limited availability materials. Some of our products may be one of its kind.


Our products are handcrafted in Philadelphia, PA. As with any handcrafted product, every product is unique in its own way.